Disney – Renewing our Walt Disney World Annual Passes 2021

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I know I know… that didn’t take long. Welp… we caved… and reinstated our annual passes for Walt Disney World! A few weeks ago we called to inquire about the process of renewing since Disney never contacted us when they expired in October of 2020. They let us know that since we still had our passes after March 2020 that we were still eligible BUT we couldn’t renew on the phone or online, it needed to be in person for an “in-person signature” on the contract. So Friday morning 5/28/21 we arrived at Disney Springs when the Disney Ticket Center opened and we’re the first in line! (Obviously, we were super excited!)

We learned that they aren’t currently issuing new annual memberships to anyone who didn’t have a pass after March 2020 and they currently were not issuing Platinum Plus passes. We have always had the Platinum Pass because we really don’t like water parks so that was perfect for us!

Because we got to Disney Springs as soon as it opened, it was super easy to park in the Orange Garage and head straight to The Disney Ticket Center. We were so happy that everyone we interacted with was so helpful and so friendly!! It felt reminiscent of the Disney we have always known unlike our latest blog – Did COVID ruin our Disney Magic?

Mark and I are both fully vaccinated now and we’re very happy to see that unless you were indoors or at a crowded attraction- you were not required or reprimanded to wear a mask. We were also thrilled to see absolutely everyone abiding by those suggested guidelines. People were happy and having a great time all around us and it was MAGICAL!

We can’t wait to continue blogging all of our new Disney adventures- Mark surprised me by booking a room at one of our favorite Value Resorts- Disney’s Pop Century Resort– AND because we were physically in the Disney Ticket Center and staying in a resort hotel- we also got into Epcot and enjoyed the 2021 Flower and Garden Festival. While it was only about 24 hours of fun we are so excited to have the magic back in our lives and are already planning future trips. More detailed posts coming soon…

“No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.” – Cinderella

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