Life Update – Full Transparency

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Incoming… a super long post that’s been months in the making!! Grab some coffee, tea, or wine, and get cozy! PLEASE KEEP ALL COMMENTS POSITIVE. I have always been completely open and honest, and well… we’ve not been okay… but I know we will be. 

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As many of you know I lost my dream job in May 2023 and despite what many might think I did not leave by my own choice nor did I receive any compensation. We moved our entire life to Florida and started careers, bought a home, and built a life in the Sunshine State, and are not planning to move anytime soon. Many people have asked if we will move closer to other organizations and that’s just not possible to do, at least not quickly. Plus – despite reaching out to some, no opportunities have come along in that area even remotely. 

Over the last year, I have been dealing with mysterious health issues that started during my first half marathon attempt in February 2023 when I lost my vision and almost passed out on the course, plus new autoimmune symptoms and depression from so many stressful events- TK, the pandemic, compassion fatigue, the house fire, family health issues, watching another career fall apart, and most recently the loss of my 15 year constant bff -Alice.  I know some people believe I left on my own to deal with mental health issues- but the problems started before, during, and after I was let go. Then to top it all off, I was given no time to say goodbye to my cats, the supporters, or my fellow friends, and felt like an outcast. I couldn’t be used as a physical workhorse so I was no longer needed and was disregarded- it felt cruel and caused me to shut down for a while. This was just one more nail in the coffin of my atrocious career path… 

In fact, my last 4 professional careers ended in a similar fashion. I gave my heart and soul and made things extremely profitable only for the companies and organizations to abruptly sell out and I found myself out of a job. Fool me once… but I’ve now been fooled 4 times in a row. 

After many long discussions and heart-to-heart talks, my amazing and selfless husband is giving me the chance of a lifetime. The chance to reset, take my time, set goals, get healthy, and no pressure to move forward until I’m ready. The chance to build something myself and be my own boss, in charge of my time, energy, and my own destiny.  But small businesses take time to build. 

So what exactly am I trying to build? I have always enjoyed sharing things I love with the world- whether it’s animals, travel, Disney, places to go, or things to eat and drink with a heavy focus on photography, writing, and creating videos – So i just want to keep doing that! Only now I’m excited to start sharing some of our favorite items we purchase too!

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So what are our future goals? 

While I’m still fine-tuning a clear vision for the future my goals right now are simple:

-I want to be self-employed – I’m done helping the rich get richer 
– Philanthropy and volunteering once our hearts heal and we are financially stable to do so
– Control my own destiny and finances 
– Travel and share the world with those who are unable to do it themselves
– Possible online store in the future – I would love to sell my photography and other items I create
– Start going LIVE again – I miss talking to all of you
– Somehow make the world a better place through my creative skills and creative outlets

I am currently working with the following programs and hope to add more in the future:

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I am looking forward to learning new skills while flexing my creative abilities in new and old areas. I’m ready to start a new chapter with your continued support. We can’t thank each and every one of you enough for always being there for us and because of you we can keep dreaming and build a stronger future. We have a great support system full of family and friends who never wavered and we hope to make them and ourselves proud!  PLEASE KEEP ALL COMMENTS POSITIVE.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

– Walt Disney

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24 thoughts on “Life Update – Full Transparency

  1. I support you 100%. You helped me fall in love with the same cats you did. I would love to see you do lives again and your travel blogs are amazing. Everything you post is so positive and I am proud to share it. I’m excited to see where you take this!

  2. Oh gosh..ummm..Wow! I knew you just wouldn’t up and leave! You adored those cats and loved working there..From what know I did gain wasn’t good,I’m so so sorry to what has happened to you and others!
    I know how much u miss the cats and that’s why I sent you something, that I thought you might enjoy! I hope it didn’t set u back any! Yes,and Yes! U and Mark got my full cooperation in whatever u decide to do!
    I’m here for ya! Annmarie

  3. Bravo!!! Nicely put. I’ll be helping anyway I can.

    (Trying to only post positive but it is so so hard to do. They did you wrong and for that they lost my support).

    Love you!! Hope you go live soon too!! Miss your voice.

  4. Brittany am so sorry this happened to you and Mark. I see tshirts I am willing to buy. Hope you both are doing well as well as your kitties. Miss hearing your voice.

  5. Brittany you are worth your weight in gold. Such a beautiful soul. I gave up on BCR because it was you and your interactions that I looked forward. I was heartbroken when you were let go. I will definitely continue to follow the Mira Manor.

  6. So sorry the things that have caused you to have health issues. I always your lives an photos meeting you through the cats. Always giving us the cat perspective. I have total enjoyed following you and your hubby travels and your personal kitties. Brittany, you are a ray of sunshine yourself! Continue being you and they will follow ❤️💓🌞

  7. Thanks for sharing lots of things that have been your life’s experience this year, Brittany. I’m sorry you’ve had a range of health issues and I wish for you- healing in all aspects. Best wishes in all you are developing and embarking on. I’ll do what I can to help.

  8. Brittany: Thank you for sharing your story with us. I always admired your transparency and so enjoyed your “lives”.. I will definitely keep you in mind when doing my on-line shopping..You are definitely in my thoughts and I am so rooting for you! Bless you for all you did for those beautiful kitties.. I’m sorry that you didn’t get to say goodbye to your babies..Good luck with your future endeavors and I hope all you wish for comes to fruition. 😊❤️🐾

  9. Blessings to you, Mark, and the fur kids. I believe in my heart that you will emerge strong and triumphant in the end. I’m so sorry for what happened to you in May. I hope you’ll be able to fit in a trip to see your cats once the moves are done. They’ll be in a good place and so will you.

  10. Brittney, thanks for the update. Wasn’t sure of the reasons for you leaving BCR, but didn’t want to pry. I miss your lives each morning. I’m sure the cats miss your voice. I joined BCR about the time Flinster was rescued. Your bond with him was/is amazing. I’m sure you miss the cats. You gave the organization a softness with your love and compassion. Going forward you will bring those same feelings to everthing you do. You will conquer whatever you seek. Only positive outcomes from here on out.

  11. Hi Brittany, I will click on Amazon links, I buy from them often. Good luck in all you do! I really miss your lives & hearing your perky voice! You are real & always have been. Thank you for posting this…I knew there was more to the story.. Take care girl! See you on social!

  12. Brittany, first and foremost you are smart, compassionate, creative and so much more. Thank you for confirming something that at least some of us knew. You would not have left the cats voluntarily, even if we didn’t know the reason. I miss seeing your lives and look forward to seeing them again. I will do what I can to help you, Mark and the boys. Take care of you.

  13. Dearest Brittany,

    I had tears in my eyes as I read your post. Tears of sadness, empathy and massive upset at the way BCR and others have treated you. Being betrayed by those you trusted and gave so much to is devastating. Your daily BCR lives were my door into the magical world of the cats, Jinxy, The Queen, the Guatemala Boys, and so many others. I looked forward every day to what joyful experiences you would share, so when you dropped away so suddenly I feared something incredibly unkind had happened. I’m glad you are taking time to allow full healing of your heart, mind and soul. Your post also gave me tears of hope and happiness as you have outlined such a clear and exciting vision for your future and I just know it will manifest! You have such a talent with words and photography as well as being an astute observer and appreciator of life AND did I forget — an outstanding human! I am a professional marketer so if you ever could use some pro bono marketing work, please reach out. I look for organizations and people to offer free services to as part of my own personal “doing good works” commitment in life. (My email is I wish you and Mark the very best in your next chapter — it will be glorious!! <3

    1. Wow thank you for this – I really appreciate it- I remember speaking in a zoom about your background and I just may take you up on that! I’ve been trying not to overwhelm myself and just taking it one day at a time but maybe we can chat soon! Thank you again ❤️

  14. Right after you were no longer at BCR I stopped following them on social media or supporting them because it seemed shady as hell. I miss seeing the cats. You provided so much stress relief for me with your lives, but after they decided to move all the cats from their “forever home” and then you left shortly after I couldn’t watch anymore without anger for both you & the cats.

    I wish you all the happiness and success! 2024 is gonna be great!

  15. 2024 is going to be great. Thank you so much for letting us know what happened at BCR. I’ve been watching you probably from your 2nd live, maybe 2017. You were so nervous, sweet and filled with love. Your connection with Tiger Lily, Smalls, and so many other cats was truly amazing. I’ve often think about Kathryn, Dillion and Kitten Karma, no word, just no longer there. Carol stated she was given people a years salary, I guess that wasn’t the case with you, shame on her. I know, I’m suppose to keep this positive, but it’s not easy.
    That being said, I am a crafter on Esty, I take recycled bottles and turn them into windchimes. I would love to have you connect to my Esty (Cling Gaoth Wind Chimes) shop, so when I make a sale, you get a portion. to help you move forward with your business. I’m not sure how that works, I’ll contact them to see if it’s doable. Being a small business owner is not easy, as you are probably learning, it takes a lot of hard work.
    Please visit my FB page, I would love to send you a chime just as a thank you for all you did for each of us over the years. Through you, we learned, we grew and we loved. Thank you

  16. I didn’t buy the “company line” because I knew you would never turn your back on the cats and leave them for any reason. I work in the defense industry (which is a corrupt and despicable industry run by corrupt and despicable people). I went through burn-out 6 years ago, after 17 years of my selfless dedication to a corporation, only to be taken advantage of by people I made the mistake of trusting. I walked away in disgust from a six-figure job with no other job and no future plans at all. In the blink of an eye the career path I worked so hard to achieve and had envisioned was gone. I had the financial ability to stay away for over 2 years to decompress and spend time for the first time in my life to travel the country and begin to regain my health and sanity. Time is an irreplaceable opportunity so take advantage of it while you can. It was during that time when I wasn’t working and in a bad place mentally that I found BCR and fell in love with the cats. Just remember that in any turmoil in life, there are silver linings and better opportunities that await us all. You may not see it immediately, but eventually you will. I met you twice, during the 2019 and 2022 Wildcat Walkabouts, and always watched your lives. Your genuine love for the cats always shined through.

  17. Employers will always say “it’s just business, nothing personal” but when you are set aside and disregarded in that way, it certainly is personal! Especially when it’s done by people you considered as friends. Don’t feel bad about it happening, that’s truly how business works and when you have a true heart it’s unfortunately so easy for it to happen more than once. I do hope your health issues are improving and depression is no joke. It’s good you have taken the time to process and regroup, please take care of yourself! You are a very talented and creative person and I have no doubt you will find you path to success. I will follow everything of yours that I don’t already and when I can, take a look at Amazon and use any links I am able to. Sending you, Mark, and the boys hugs, good vibes and all the very best!

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