Mira Manor – Thankful November 2023

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and as we near the end of November, with only one month left in 2023, I am overtaken by emotion when I fully focus on what I am thankful for. Despite all the hard times this year, it has been a substantial year of growth, life lessons, and memories – both good and bad. We actively choose every single day to focus on the good and keep going. I am grateful and excited to say we have reached our 70th blog post today and can’t wait to see what next year will bring for us.

St Pete – Sanding Ovations 2021- Treasure Island

Sanding Ovations in Treasure Island, Florida seems to be a new family tradition for the week of Thanksgiving! The last two years we have enjoyed the event while family comes to town in November. Mark and I love when family stays in one of our favorite condos in Treasure Island, FL called the Island Inn.Continue reading “St Pete – Sanding Ovations 2021- Treasure Island”

About us – October in Northern Ohio 2021

Mark and I were both born and raised in Ohio but we high tailed it out of there in 2015 and swore we would never look back at cold dreary weather. Each of us have made small trips back, but mostly for sad reasons (losses in the family) and not at all since the pandemic started. I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t seen my in-laws in over 4 years and had never even met my sweet little nephew – it was weighing on me… then my family experienced two more sudden losses this year – so I said enough was enough, life is too short, and we bought Allegiant non-stops flights to Toledo to spend a couple of days with Mark’s family before it truly gets Northern Ohio cold!