Pinellas Arts Village

We’ve discovered a local gem (just blocks from our new neighborhood) and wanted to share it with anyone who enjoys a unique experience!! The Pinellas Arts Village located at the 5600 block in Pinellas Park is a hidden treasure for artists and those who love art! You’ll find inspiring art, photography, sculptures and so much more!

Check out Facebook and give them a like to keep up with events-

While this is still an up and coming area there’s already a lot to see:
Swartz Gallery
Bottles Pub
Studios at 5663
Painting with a Twist
Vince Pompei Gallery
The Complete Sweet Shoppe
Wordier Than Thou
Donnelly COVE
Pinellas Park Art Society

The coolest part is all of the community events like gallery and art show openings, workshops, community sculptures, ever-changing building murals, and the 4th Saturday Block Parties that include food vendors, live music, and local artisans selling unique items you won’t find anywhere else.

We attended the 4th Saturday Block Party for the first time in March of 2021 and were pleasantly surprised. While the event still seems small we think over time this hidden gem won’t be so hidden anymore. We loved walking through the galleries and actually speaking directly to the artists. We enjoyed food from Floribbean Fusions food truck and bought an amazing live edge side table from local Drew of the Jungle.

What other local Pinellas County secret treasures should we check out next??

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