World Travel – Africa Adventure 2022 – Skukuza Rest Camp -Wild Fig Guest House

Alright folks – we have made it to the end of our Africa Adventure 2022 journey and this is my final post from our trip! If you need a recap or have missed any of these posts – we have a full itinerary with links to each post here!

We packed up early and moved out of our Lower Sabie Rest Camp tents and headed back to where we started – Skukuza Rest Camp – only this time we will go BIG before we go home!

World Travel – Africa Adventure 2022 – Lower Sabie Rest Camp – River & Bush Tents

This is our second to last of our posts for the Africa 2022 trip! And a BONUS post will finish off this trip before the end of this week! Welcome to one of my favorite camps of the entire trip!! Lower Sabie Rest Camp in Kruger Park is on the banks of the perennial Sabie River, which draws a wide variety of animals all year round. Lower Sabie has views over the Sabie River and the Lebombo Mountains, which are a highlight of the Kruger National Park. 

World Travel – Africa Adventure 2022 –Olifants Rest Camp Lebombo Guest House

Okay friends… it’s been a long haul so far… To recap we went from Tampa, FL to Germany to Cape Town to Kruger National Park where we have now been to Skukuza, Satara and now on to Olifants! If you have missed any of the first 7 posts – you can catch up with our full 14 day itinerary and continue to look forward to the last 3 posts coming each Sunday!

World Travel – Africa Adventure 2022 – Satara Rest Camp

The first 24 hours in Kruger National Park were incredible and our stay at Skukuza Camp was one of my favorites of the trip but we only spent the one night there before we headed north to our next destination – Satara Rest Camp.

World Travel – Africa Adventure 2022 – Day Four – South Africa – Penguins & Whales

One of the excursions that we had pre-booked for Day 4 in South Africa was a Whale Tour with Southern Right Charters in Hermanus.  However, sadly the weather caused the company to cancel the boat trip out of safety and once we saw the waves we felt very thankful. 

World Travel – Africa Adventure 2022 – Day Three – South Africa Wine Tour

On day three, we woke up in our beautiful hotel and had the most amazing buffet breakfast – the breakfast alone is reason to book a stay at Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront – Cape Town, but also it is wonderfully central to everything we wanted to do.  After a hearty breakfast we were picked up by a fantastic guide from Wine Flies- Wine Tour and whisked away on an all-day wine adventure! Wine Flies focuses on authentic wine farms in the Stellenbosch region with a guided drive through the town itself, one of the oldest towns in South Africa.  You learn so much about the people, local delicacies and the culture behind the wine industry in South Africa – it was amazing.

World Travel – Africa Adventure 2022 – 14 days in South Africa

In late August – early September, 2022 we embarked on an incredible two week adventure with 4 of our friends to South Africa. The sole purpose and intention for this incredible experience was to see animals in the wild where they belong. Not in a zoo, not in cages, not in people’s backyards etc… We’veContinue reading “World Travel – Africa Adventure 2022 – 14 days in South Africa”

World Travel – Africa Adventure 2022 – Day One – Germany

Africa 2022- An absolute trip of a lifetime, so much so it’s taken me several months after coming home to even comprehend what a life changing journey it was for us. This trip was in the making for several years and was originally planned for 2020 by our friend Jamie who had previously taken thisContinue reading “World Travel – Africa Adventure 2022 – Day One – Germany”