Disney – Epcot International Festival of Arts 2022

Sometimes people ask us- “why do you love Disney so much, isn’t it just for kids?” You definitely don’t need children to enjoy the wonders of Walt Disney World- especially with festivals, food, and drinks like this!! Adulting at Disney is our favorite kind of adulting- and one of our most favorite times to go is during the Epcot International Festival of Arts! Definitely in our top favorites of the Epcot festivals!

The Epcot International Festival of Arts was Jan. 14 through Feb. 21, 2022 – similar dates each year– and the Festival features visual, culinary and performing arts from across the globe. 100% eye candy everywhere you look!

All around the World Showcase you can immerse yourself in amazing art- visual arts with galleries & artists from all over the world, culinary arts with delicious items almost too pretty to eat and drink, performing arts where you can watch the artists create right in front of your eyes- meet, chat, and have your art signed by the artists, shop for keepsakes you won’t find anywhere else, and take super fun photo ops around the festival that aren’t there any other time of the year! And again… just look at that food and drink!!! Yum!

Flashback to our first visit in January of 2020 before the world shut down. We didn’t even know this festival existed until we happened upon it with good luck and now we are hooked. It’s definitely one of the Epcot Festivals we plan to attend every year that we can. Just look at this artwork!! WOW.

And once again… THAT glorious food and drink!! Flashback to 2021 & 2020 menu 😋

This was the best thing that happened to us right before quarantine & lockdown 2020. We went again in 2021 as things were just starting to open again and we worried it would never be the same but thankfully, 2021 – 2022 was better than ever and we can’t wait for next year! Another plus side to this Epcot festival versus the others, the weather in Florida in Jan & Feb is MUCH cooler!!! Sooo worth it!

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