About Us – Goals of the New Year 2022

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Keeping it simple this year after a couple of unsavory years in a row – we’ve decided in 2022 to slow down and be grateful for the smallest things as much as possible.

My first goal of the new year was to give myself January to sleep more, blog less, stay home more, and have less social media in my personal life on a daily basis- actually less phone time in general so sorry if I missed calls or messages or was not prompt to respond but that was me succeeding at a goal lol! Allowing myself more self care time and saying no to people is tough… but it’s important and I can’t keep going at a pace for everyone else.

Another goal I set was to have at least one beach day a month. Mark and I are coming up on 7 years since we moved to Florida. A huge part of moving here was to utilize the weather and our location and in the beginning we definitely did! Now we’re lucky to make it to the beach a couple times in a year… SAD! The beginning of the month was ideal beach weather but we missed out due to other plans and a rescue mission that I’ll explain later. The weather here has been unusually cold, cloudy, and rainy but I refused to fail one of my goals in the very first month… so last Friday Mark and I dressed in layers and made a quick trip for a cold and dreary but still beautiful visit to our favorite beach. It can only get more beautiful from here! Goal two accomplished at the last of the month… procrastinating at its best.

With that being said – January was still full of blog worthy content that I’ll be excited to write about and share in the coming weeks/months/year. We started our year blowing things up with our friends- literally lol – having a Mini birthday party with our girl Misha- Mark ran and completely crushed his very first Marathon and we had an incredible time celebrating him at the happiest place on earth. Colonel Mustard, a stray cat in need of help, wandered into our life and has consumed us completely. We’re in love and I’ll share that full story as it continues to unfold.

We’re also hoping to make some big plans and book a trip later this year that’s been two years in the making!!! So lots of exciting things coming down the line- enjoy a few random photos from our January- so cheers and happy February!

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