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We love our city!! So I wanted to bring focus to one of the most inspiring events in our city each year – The SHINE Mural Festival in St. Pete, Florida.

Before we moved to St. Pete in 2015 from Ohio to start a brand new adventure, we visited the area for the first time on vacation in 2012 and absolutely fell in love. I could tell this area was really about to blossom and the growth has been unbelievable to see over the last few years. Before we officially pulled the trigger to move to St Pete I did loads of research and we visited again in 2014 specifically to dig deeper into the area and make sure it would be the right choice for us.  We stayed in the middle of downtown St. Pete and just knew it felt like home so after 2 years of planning and saving we packed up and hit the road for the Sunshine State! 

We love a good downtown vibe, I mean hello we came from Columbus, OH, which is an incredible city and we knew it would be hard to top – but St Pete is a lively city with great nightlife, unique shops, world-class restaurants, fun concert venues, variety of sports, inspiring museums, and something we really appreciate is the creativity of a vibrant art scene…. Oh and beaches!!   

Something we truly enjoy seeing is the hundreds of beautiful murals all around our city.  St. Pete is now famous for the more than 600+ murals around town and over the past decade, artists from all over the world have traveled here to add color and character to our walls and streets.  

St. Pete is known as the Sunshine City and we have the annual SHINE Mural Festival, which has contributed over 100 new murals to our city since its official start in 2015.  It is simply amazing to watch a blank wall turn into someone’s inspiration right before your eyes.  This annual event, now heading into its ninth year, happens every October and typically lasts 10-14 days.  The SHINE Mural Festival is also the first in the world to have an accessible audio tour and the technology to instantly connect mural viewers to online content via PixelStix.  Each Mural gives credit to the artist and how to follow and support them too! 

This year, the SHINE Mural Festival will add 14 new murals throughout the art districts and kicks off on Friday, Oct 13 – 22, 2023.  I can’t wait to see what these amazing artists from all over the world bring to our beautiful city this year!  

Check out the official website to see current murals and artist information – here!

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  1. Sounds amazing. We lived in St Pete in 1966. Moved to Lakeland then Port St Lucie. My parents changed jobs. I’ve been back a few times to St Pete. This sounds amazing.

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