St Pete- Asian Food- Buya Ramen

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St. Petersburg, FL is home to many world-renowned restaurants and unique eateries in every possible food genre. One of our particular favorites is the authentic Asian foods that you can find all over the city and we are so lucky to be home to one of only 4 locations in the world for – Buya Ramen. This industrial-chic hangout on Central Ave serves Japanese small plates & ramen, plus offers many picturesque cocktails, sake, and whisky options. We tried it a few months ago and have returned three times because we love it so much!

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Ramen: noun \ˈrä-mən \ food of the gods – and we couldn’t agree more!

We have sampled several menu items during our visits and of the IZAKAYA PLATES or “Japanese tapas“ to share, our favorite is the Bao Buns. The homemade, traditional Japanese ramen is the stuff dreams are made of and we are constantly craving it.

Our favorite cocktails have been the Godzilla, Slapped by a Geisha, Sencha Sunset, and Tasteful Noodz, and trying all the different wines and sakes with an ever-changing specialty cocktail menu designed by the bartenders and staff.

As I mentioned, Buya Ramen has only 4 locations in the world and they are in Miami Florida, Potsdam Germany, and Berlin Germany. Follow them on Facebook if you want some delicious food and cocktail eye candy in your feed and definitely try them out if you are ever near these amazing locations!

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