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Want a waterfront bar & grill with a lively atmosphere, great food, and even better drinks? Then allow us to tell you about Sea Hags Bar & Grill!

We first discovered Sea Hags in 2012 when we came to Treasure Island for vacation. Mark read lots of reviews and researched to find restaurants and bars in the area that were less touristy and more local hidden gems. When he came across the name and logo he put it on our must check out list because as he described it- looks like a cool pirate or fisherman hangout- well, he was right!

The original location at 9555 Blind Pass Rd between Treasure Island and St Pete Beach is our favorite, we’ll be honest, we haven’t had the desire to check out the newest location in St Pete Beach because it’s not waterfront and the traffic can be crazy. If we do ever venture down there, we’ll let you know!

Located next to a Marina with tons of boat docks, Sea Hags has a vast amount of indoor seating with a huge indoor bar area- perfect if you’ve had too much sun that day. Select days and nights they feature indoor live music with a small dance floor- we only ever see the 55+ age group use it but hey- it’s pretty funny to watch!

Most of the locals and a younger rowdier crowd tend to hang out in the additional indoor/outdoor area located outback. I say indoor/outdoor because it’s a patio-style room with walls and a roof with tons of windows behind the bar that open to allow fresh air. However, if it storms they can close it up, and your completely protected from the elements. This area does get crowded, loud and, smokey so be aware.

Our personal favorite spot is in the actual outdoor patio area at the very back of the restaurant. It has its own entrance separate from the main restaurant and is typically first come first serve. It’s pet friendly so you get to see lots of dogs which for us is a bonus. This spot is truly an outdoor patio with overhead coverage but no walls or sides to protect from the weather. There’s usually a nice breeze so it always works for us. The views of the docks, marina, and water are beautiful and lots of action to watch as people come and go from boating.

Now that we’re actually “locals” having moved here in 2015, this is still one of our favorite old salty bars as Mark calls it. We never mind being some of the youngest patrons there. At this point, we’ve tried almost everything on the menu and have never been disappointed in the food or drinks. Occasionally there’s been a rough patch with service but that typically comes with the territory of high season so we’ve learned to be selective on when we go anywhere along the beach.

Our go-to drinks are usually house margaritas on the rocks with salt and dark and stormy’s. Here’s the menu and our most ordered favorites: Apps we love- peel and eat shrimp, smoked fish spread, crab-stuffed mushrooms, and hush puppies. Meals we order the most: Fish tacos, Caribbean salads, grouper sandwich, Gorgonzola burger, Margherita pizza, and grilled portobello mushroom quesadilla.

If you are ever in the area and want to take a moment to feel like a pirate, we highly recommend it! Also, check out their Facebook and Instagram to keep up with what is happening at Seas Hags!

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