St Pete – Sanding Ovations 2021- Treasure Island

Sanding Ovations 2022

Sanding Ovations in Treasure Island, Florida seems to be a new family tradition for the week of Thanksgiving! The last two years we have enjoyed the event while family comes to town in November. Mark and I love when family stays in one of our favorite condos in Treasure Island, FL called the Island Inn. The sand sculptures are within walking distance (2 mile beach walk) of the condo and it makes for a great walk at sunset, or really anytime during the event.

Sanding Ovations November 27, 2021 – We walked over around 6:00 PM just after sunset. I really love how they creatively lit up these beautiful sculptures for nighttime viewing.

Sanding Ovations November 25, 2022 – We walked over around 4:00 PM and the lighting was a bit harsh with sunset coming soon – Personally, I enjoyed seeing it better lit up at night.

Island Inn Tiki Bar – Another bonus to staying at Island Inn is the on-site Tiki Bar by the pool. There is a public beach parking area right next door – so if you just want to pop in for a drink and a sunset – you can! The food and snacks are pretty basic but not bad and perfect for a day by the pool. We have enjoyed hanging out with our family on the beach with this amenity that many other condos don’t have. So happy we found this local gem!

Both Sanding Ovations, and Island Inn are worth checking out if you are ever in the area. The event also has live music and vendors to check out along with many other restaurants and bars within equal distance. Treasure Island is our favorite beach town and this is one of the very special things that they do each year.

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