India 2018

I had the adventure of a lifetime. My first ever international trip was with 18 amazing people to 3 different national parks and the Taj Mahal for 12 days in India! I was lucky enough to have had 6 tiger sightings in Kahna National Park and 7 sightings in Ranthambore National Park – 3 of them were direct sightings and the rest were from a distance or through the foliage. Absolutely incredible. I was also lucky enough to see many many (some rare) bird species, Dholes, Jackals, a JUNGLE cat!, Spotted deer, Muntjac deer, Sambar deer, Blue Bull, Gaur, Swamp deer, Wild boar, 3 different Mongoose, 3 and 5 stripe squirrels, crocodiles, Langur and Macaque Monkeys and luckily for me NOT very many spiders or snakes LOL! I also saw scat and tracks for leopards, civet/genet and sloth bears even though I didn’t get to see them directly it was amazing knowing they were near by 🙂 

Here are images of the entire adventure including where we stayed and the many different transportation methods… we used planes, trains, cars, jeeps, canters and rickshaws along with a rockstar sized tour bus. We had some cultural visits to near by villages and cities along the way… India completely stole my heart… Grab something to drink and sit back and relax… here we go!

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